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Inspiring goals
Building musicianship
Team play
Pathway to college

Music & Mindfulness is a unique one week overnight experience for high school students focused on building musicianship and learning life skills necessary to successfully confront life’s challenges.

Music & Mindfulness at Graves Mountain Farm is for advanced level, instrumental playing high school students. Students attend on full scholarship and will spend a week on an 1800-acre working farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Faculty includes members of The Philadelphia Orchestra and National Symphony in Washington, D.C.


 students will be playing rigorous chamber and orchestral pieces, and will also be introduced to alternative genres of music.  



students will learn and practice methods to become more self-aware, to reduce stress and to become good decision makers. Students will examine how they manage their thoughts and actions so they can attain their personal goals.

Music & Mindfulness is a full scholarship opportunity for all students accepted into the summer music camp. Student’s fees are paid by individual donations and grants. High School students from under-represented backgrounds are prioritized for attendance.

Many students from under-represented communities experienced great challenges during COVID-19, including loneliness, depression, job loss in their families and the challenges of online learning. As students emerge from the COVID-19 quarantine, the offering of Music & Mindfulness is timely and will allow students a fresh start to focus on their music making, personal growth, college plan and connecting with new friends.

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